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Revolve Disc Golf Large Training Net – 22’x10′


Our largest disc golf training net available! This training net is 22 feet wide by 10 feet tall! This added size allows you to practice more realistic throws without having to worry about missing the target!

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Our biggest disc golf training net available, the Revolve Disc Golf Large Training Net is 22 feet wide x 10 feet tall to give you a much larger target to hit. The larger size allows you to throw harder and more realistic shots and not have to worry about hitting a small target. This allows you to practice realistic shots without worrying about missing the net!

The Revolve Disc Golf Large Training Net is easily assembled by a single person within just a few minutes! Along with this, it comes with an easy-to-transport carrying case which allows you to leave the net in your trunk or carry it to an open field or your backyard. This disc golf training net is guaranteed to help your disc golf game and help you perfect your technique!


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