How Big Of A Disc Golf Net Do I Need?

When you are considering using a disc golf net to help you improve your disc golf game, you’ll need to consider how big of a disc golf net you need.

With traditional golf nets, they are typically 7-10 feet wide and 6 feet tall. This size is fine for golf, but it’s not optimal for disc golf.

How big of a disc golf net do I need?

With disc golf you really need more space to be able to see how the disc comes out of your hands, and get a better feel of the flight pattern of your disc. This means you’ll be throwing from a further distance back.

If you’re using a net that’s only 7-10 feet wide, this means you’ll your target will be relatively small if you are throwing from 20+ feet away.

To make sure you’re hitting your net and not hitting anything behind the net, this means you’ll need a bigger training net for disc golf.

How Big Of A Disc Golf Net Do I Need?

Here at Revolve Disc Golf, our disc golf training nets are 22 feet wide and 10 feet tall. This gives you a huge target to hit when you’re practicing your throws at full speed.

With this sized net, you’ll have the confidence you need to throw full speed drives and not have to worry about missing the net and hitting something in the background.

You might be worried that with this big of a net that they’ll be very difficult to transport and carry around?

Well thankfully our nets are very lightweight, come in an easy to carry transport bag, and only take minutes to setup!

This means you can use our disc golf training net in your back yard, or you can keep it in your trunk and take it to an open field and set it up in minutes!

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