Revolve Disc Golf Nets – Premium Training Nets

Revolve Disc Golf – Premium Disc Golf Nets

Premium disc golf training nets for the serious disc golfer. Practice your throws in a confined space and without having to retrieve discs! Our top of the line disc golf nets allow you to be at the top of your game when you get to the course!

Revolve Disc Golf Training Net Benefits

Gone are the days of going to an open field and spending more time retrieving discs compared to actually practicing your throws. Our disc golf practice nets are designed for disc golfers by disc golfers with efficiency and ease in mind!

With our training nets, you can throw upwards of 1,000+ throws an hour, which allows you to perfect your form and technique and get back on the course!

Repetition Of Throws

When you’re looking to perfect the technique of your throws, you need to throw lots of discs! Because our nets are bigger than most, it allows you to stand farther back and practice realistic shots. Don’t waste time chasing discs at an open field. Throw hundreds of discs per hour and get the repetitions in to get your throws looking perfect!

Easy To Assemble And Carry

Our training nets are extremely easy and quick to assemble! With two different sized nets, we wanted any of your nets to be easy to assemble with just a single person! Along with this, our nets come with an easy to carry travel bag that allows you to bring these nets to the course, an open field, or your backyard! These nets are designed to be easy to manage!

Designed By Disc Golfers

We here at Revolve Disc Golf have been playing disc golf for nearly our entire lives! We designed these training nets for our own improvement before even considering selling them. We know exactly what sort of products are actually helpful to disc golfers and what will help improve your game. These products are all designed by disc golfers, for disc golfers!

About Revolve Disc Golf

About Revolve Disc Golf

Revolve Disc Golf was founded by 4 best friends with a common goal of creating high-quality disc golf products that disc golfers of any skill level will find beneficial. With over 20 years of disc golf experience between all of us, we know what sort of products will actually be helpful in improving your game!

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Revolve Disc Golf Nets:

Are you looking to practice your throws in the comfort of your backyard? With our premium disc golf nets, you can easily practice your throws and techniques without having to spend the time retrieving discs! With our training products you can easily get hundreds of throws in an hour which allows you to dial in your technique and get ready for your next round!


Money Back Guarantee

What Are You Waiting For? 

There’s absolutely NO RISK with our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. We are confident in the quality of our disc golf nets that we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee on our products! Our nets were designed by disc golfers for disc golfers, so we are confident that you’ll love our products!